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Andalucía is Spain's and one of Europe most important tourist areas. Every year millions of visitors come to enjoy its wonderful climate, historical and artistic wealth, and natural beauty set within its extensive coast.

Andalucía has a great port tradition, all its cities have modern ports where cruise vessels are calling.

Being fully aware of the importance of the touristic attraction of Andalucía and the excellent port infraestructure available, the Ports Authorities and Agencia Pública de Puertos de Andalucía created the association 'Suncruise Andalucía' purely to promote Andalucía as a destination of bateaux de croisiere.

Suncruise Andalucía aims to fulfil two objectives, on the one hand, to promove Andalucía as a destination for holiday cruisers; and on the other, to find out and evaluate the needs of the cruise customers in order to improve and adapt the port and tourist sector infraestructure and services to such needs.

Andalucía a Delight for your Senses:

Andalucía, in southern Europe, is not only Spain's biggest region but is even larger than such countries as Holland, Denmark, Austria and Sweden.

Andalucía, with its Mediterranean climate, hot dry summers and mild winters with irregular rainfall, is a focal point for tourists all year round.

Geographically speaking, it is situaded in a privileged position, with more than 800 km. of coast on the Mediterranean and Atlántic; it is in Europe and faces Africa.

Its location, linked with a variety of civilizations, all of wich have left a great historic and artistic heritage over the ages, has turned Andalucía into an exotic, fascinating place.

However, Andalucía is a modern region too, it has fabulous infraestructure, such as its motorway network, rail network; with the only high speed line in Spain between Madrid and Seville (AVE); and its international airports (Sevilla, Jerez-Cádiz, Málaga, Almería and Granada). Similary, the commercial ports in the region have modern infraestructure, making them magnificent stop off points for cruise ships.


Due to the richness of its conditions Andalucía has always been a focal point for powerful and varied civilizations.

Western Andalucía was the seat of the Tartessus Monarchy since the Bronze Age, the natural resources of the region were exploited and they traded with other peoples. Likewise, the Phoenicians came into the country via one of the oldest cities on the continent, today known as Cadiz.

The Romans first came in the III century AD. And stayed for seven centuries until the arrival of the Vandals from the North. In 711 Islam converted Andalucía into the most import cultural and scientific centre in the West.

The Christian Monarchs completed their reconquest in 1492, and in the same year Christopher Columbus set off from Palos in Huelva, to discover America. Seville and its port became the nerve centre of Spain's Empire, due to its strategic setting for communication between Spain and her colonies in America. This role passed on to the Port of Cadiz from the XVIII century on. Andalucía's great sailing tradition made Seville the starting and finishing point of the first trip around the world.

In the XIX century Andalucía was inmortalized by the Romantic artists thanks to its cultural wealth, myths and legends; Don Juan, Carmen, the Andalusian bullfighter, etc. These images have stood the rest of time and still exist today.

Art, Culture and Traditions:

Many different civilizations have passed over Andalusian territory, and in so doing, have left an immense and varied historical legacy, which is positively unique.

From an architect's point of view, Andalucía has so much to offer; from such world famous Islamic monuments as the Alhambra in Granada, the Mezquita (Mosque) in Cordoba and the Giralda in Seville; the Monasteries, Castles and Palaces, built in a time of economic prosperity; to the Vanguard architecture of the 1992, Seville Universal Exposition. Andalucía has been the birthplace of many important artistis; to name but a few; painters such as Velazquez, Murillo and Picasso; writers as Juan Ramon Jiménez and García Lorca and musicians as Manuel de Falla.

The extensive range of museums allows us to contemplate religious artwork, paintings, architecture, archeology and ethnography of universal importance.

The richness of Andalucía's origins makes its traditions and festivals both varied and extraordinary. One only has to consider the fun of the local fairs and carnivals and the Religious Passion of Holy Week and the pilgrimages to see that Andalucía itself represents a festival with its flamenco, bullfighting and theatrical performances.

Its gastronomical variety is also extensive. It has been clearly influenced by the Islamic domination and is related to the variety and quality of the products available in the area, with excellent wine, fish, seafood, stews, cold meats and cheese.

We must not forget its craftwork tradition which includes embroidery, woodword and musical intruments, amongst other things.

Andalucía, una delicia para los sentidos:

croisiere andalousie carte

Andalucía, en el sur de Europa, no es solo la región más grande de España, sino que es aún más grande que países como Holanda, Dinamarca, Austria y Suiza.

Andalucía, con su clima mediterráneo, veranos calurosos y secos e inviernos suaves con lluvias irregulares, es un destino turístico durante todo el año.

Geográficamente hablando, está situado en una posición privilegiada, con mas de 800 km de costa en el Mediterráneo y el Atlántico; está en Europa y frente a Africa.

Su situación la une a diferentes civilizaciones, las cuales han dejado un gran legado histórico y artístico a través de los años y han convertido Andalucía en un lugar exótico y fascinante.

Sin embargo, Andalucía es también una región moderna, tiene una fabulosa infraestructura como su red de autopistas, red de ferrocarril, con la única línea de alta velocidad en España entre Madrid y Sevilla (AVE); y sus aeropuertos internacionales (Sevilla, Jerez-Cádiz, Málaga, Almería y Granada). Asimismo, los Puertos Comerciales en la región tienen modernas infraestructuras que los hacen magníficos puntos de escala para cruceros.

Andalucía es una de las regiones turísticas más importantes de España y de Europa. Cada año millones de visitantes vienen a disfrutar de su estupendo clima, de su riqueza histórica y artística, y de la belleza natural de su extensa costa.

También, Andalucía tiene una larga tradición portuaria que todavía se mantiene, y algunas de sus ciudades más importantes tienen puertos modernos donde llegan muchos cruceristas.

Siendo muy conscientes de la importancia del atractivo turístico de Andalucía y de las excelentes infraestructuras disponibles, las Autoridades Portuarias, Cámaras de Comercio y Organismos Turísticos han creado la asociación "Suncruise Andalucía" exclusivamente para promocionar Andalucía como destino de las vacaciones de los cruceristas.

Suncruise Andalucía quiere lograr dos objetivos, uno es promocionar Andalucía como destino de cruceros; y el otro es encontrar y evaluar las necesidades de los clientes de cruceros con objeto de mejorar y adaptar a los puertos y las infraestructuras y servicios del sector turístico a dichas necesidades.

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The association 'Suncruise Andalucía' would like to thank you for your interest in our services. We guarantee that the information you provide will be held in strict confidence and used only for the purpose of contacting you directly.

Andalusien, Leckerbissen für die Sinne:

Andalusien, gelegen im Süden Europas, ist nicht nur die größte Region Spaniens, sondern auch größer als Länder wie Holland, Dänemark, Österreich und die Schweiz.

Andalusien ist durch sein mediterranes Klima mit heißen und trockenen Sommern sowie milden Wintern mit sehr wenig Regenfällen, das ganze Jahr hindurch eine Reise wert.

Durch die besondere Geschichte vereint es verschiedenste Zivilisationen, welche über die vielen Jahre ein großes historisches und künstlerisches Vermächtnis hinterlassen haben und Andalusien zu einem exotischen und faszinierenden Ort gemacht haben.

Trotzdem ist Andalusien auch eine moderne Region mit einer ausgezeichneten Infrastruktur.

Das Straßen- und Schienennetz ist sehr gut ausgebaut, und bietet die einzige Hochgeschwindigkeitsverbindung auf der Schiene Spaniens (AVE) zwischen Madrid und Sevilla. Sevilla, Jerez-Cádiz, Málaga, Almería und Granada verfügen über internationale Flughäfen. Auch die kommerziellen Häfen der Region verfügen über eine moderne Infrastruktur und bilden damit ideale Startpunkte für Kreuzfahrten.